TechnOhm – DiscJoker / Light Architecture

TechnOhm – DiscJoker / Light Architecture

Proud to be in!!!


On it’s tenth anniversary Mona Records celebrates with all of you with a special compilation inspired on a machine that we heard countless times on electronic music releases and also was the foundation of the amazing Acid genre movement. The Roland TB-303. The well known “acid” sound is achieved by modulating the filter parameters over a repetitive note pattern.

For this compilation we brought together Mona’s top producers which includes international artist with high levels of acidity such as:

Dave Angel, Gustavo Bravetti, Wyndell Long, Shin Nishimura, Luis Weyers, Kawatin, Finster, Himadri Ghosh aka Teste, Dann At Bridges, Keita Sato, Jan Liefhebber, Christian Ziehlmann, Lius, Nexus, Van Czar, Jyume18, Senmove, Daytona Team y Repajaro among many others all of a great quality.

As a label we believe in deliver creativity, quality, originality and in being the first Spanish label releasing a top notch compilation with pure stylish Acid.
For all the Acid genre lovers and without further ado…
We hope you enjoy it!

Mona Records (C) 2018 Mastering by Sudblock Studios.

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