FRAMES II – DiscJoker (aka Giuliano P) – REK012

FRAMES II – DiscJoker (aka Giuliano P) – REK012



Frames is a personal album: like a photobook every track is a single moment, a mood, a place, a music vibe. Frames is an inward journey across Techno, Tech House, Electrobeat, Dub and Crossover. In this album I played guitars, bass guitars, analog synths and vst plug in, samples taken during everyday life and throughout my worldwide travels, and includes all my passion for Music. The Frames project is a single album splitted in 3 EPs.

Composed, performed & arranged by Giuliano Palombo – DiscJoker

Thanx to REK Records, Iskra for mix and mastering and for all the support!

Thanx to all of you for listening my Music!

Thanx to Bianca, Anna, Ferni and Valerie, my Love!

Cover by Paolo Carabetta, Giuliano Palombo – dm3


B-birth (New Life)
G++ (in the wind)


Spring – DiscJoker (aka Giuliano P) Goodbye winter, waiting for the summer, I enjoy the springtime. Thanx to the sun, the nature, my moog, my virus synth!

B-birth (new life) – DiscJoker (aka Giuliano P) A New life! For us all… Welcome Bianca! Thanx to my Moog “analog” synth, to all my weapons, to the creativity and of course thanx to the life & the Music. Very special thanx to Bianca for coming into my life, this song is for You my amazing Love. Inside sample of your heart beat before… Thanx for the inspiration!

Away – DiscJoker (aka Giuliano P) What happens when there is something to go on. Away. Inside samples a strange thai frog. Thanx to RottenBig for the glide and for the third bass-line: a real hammer-bass! Thanx to the nature and less for the urban life.

G++ (in the wind) – DiscJoker (aka Giuliano P) feat. Teacher We love to PLAY music!!! Thanx to my bass guitars, Ibiza, Xa Trinxa, Chill & Electrobeat, to the sea, and thanx to the WIND! Love & Music. Very special thanx to “Teacher” aka Giulio Maresca for teaching, playing guitar on this song and for the advices!!!

Telephone 12 – DiscJoker (aka Giuliano P) What happens while you wait to answer the phone!!! Inside samples from a famous telephone, James Zabiela works (thanx!), fuck1n talk show on the italian tv, Amy W (Thanx a lot we miss you!!!); “hello” voice @ the phone: Giuliano. Thanx to Ferni “myLove”, Ableton, Fosky, Bigman, Dj Criminal, Cybernova aka Wavecutter and very special thanx to Giulio Maresca.

Written, performed and arranged by DiscJoker (aka Giuliano P) – Giuliano Palombo


Supported By:

Slam / Soma Records

John Digweed / Bedrock Records

Paco Osuna / PLUS8
Will try thanks

Danny Tenaglia DJ / Twisted America Records

Cristian Varela
Well Done!

SOSSA / Circoloco
nice release full support

GoldFFinch / Innervisions, Turbo, Dirtybird
into g++ thx

RON COSTA (Official Page) / SCI+TEC
Great sounding release !

Francys/ Highway Records, Street Knowledge
simply great!

words on the street:

Jhonx Gonzalez ( web station in Argentina air fm and webstation in greece )
within the five tracks of this small album, DiscJoker makes a true production and style manifesto, it is one of those releases you would not just dance, but would listen at any time of day.

Pete Bidwell (circle. / IBIZA RADIO 1 / Grupo Mambo Ibiza)
Nice EP!

Mickey Imperi ( Beachgrooves Beachgrooves Fm, TheDeepRoom)
Thanks for the music. Nice & Interesting E.P.

DJ Sterling Sterling (Club Control Future Radio, Sine & Saint FM)
Superb bit of deep electronica

Pablo Rodriguez Moriano(, We are Syndicate )
Some tracks pre select for my radioshow. thx

Mat Mattia( The-Zone Records )
support on my radio Show THE ZONE

Riyaz Khan (Diversions Radio Toronto )
Telephone 12 is my pick here – dynamic and ecelectic

Switch – Sanchez – Nacoa (Switch – Sanchez – Nacoa)
Spring reminds me of the perfect Sunrise… amazing deep vibes! Overall a quality piece of work…

Dj Morph ( Crossworld Records )
Great Sound!! Full Support from Morph

Timmy Byrne (Station Manager – Kiss FM )

Downloaded for:

Luciano (Official Page) / Cadenza Music
Agoria, Marco Carola / Music On, Richie Hawtin / MINUS,
Joseph Capriati, Markantonio, Maceo Plex / Crosstown Rebels, Audiomatiques / loose records

Thank You for Your Support! DiscJoker (aka Giuliano P)



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