Anno: 2020

DiscJoker / Max Beat – Opal / Amber – Shaman Black Records

On Shaman Black Records thew new DiscJoker / Max Beat release: Opal / Amber. Beatport exclusive: The opalescence, the play of colours and light presented by the opal samples, is due to interference effects and the diffraction of light caused by the regular arrangement of the silica spheres, which are arranged in a packaged,

DiscJoker – Opal / Amber Nov 20 Beatport Chart

DiscJoker Beatport Chart #DiscJoker #OpalAmber #november #Beatport #chart Artists: CAMELPHAT Noel Gallagher DiscJoker Max Beat Innellea Nala Tessloff Colyn Nora En Pure Tim Morrison Music Neil Donnelly Woo York Michael Mayo Nexus Amelie Lens AIROD Labels: Shaman Black RCA Records DIYNAMIC MUSIC Afterlife Enormous Tunes Artist Republik Just This Sun Generation Records Exhale Support good

Eur DiscJoker e Max Beat – il viaggio underground –

EUR DiscJoker / Max Beat: il viaggio underground La recensione di su Eur – DiscJoker / Max Beat – Sun Generation Records SUNGR121 DiscJoker e Max Beat puntano a scalare Beatport, insieme alla Sun Generation Records, con il nuovo album EUR. Grazie alla redazione di Youbeat in particolare a Kevin Barbaro e Matteo Villa

DiscJoker/ Max Beat EUR – Sun Generation Records

EUR – DiscJoker/ Max Beat feat. Nexus – Sun Generation Records SUNGR121 A journey that starts in Rome, home of the producers DiscJoker and Max Beat, continuing through Paris and reaching up to London. Three main cities of European electronic music. A techno trip by underground, three stops: Eur, Miromesnil, Moorgate. Hypnotic bass, techno beat,

DiscJoker EUR winter – ’20 chart – Sun Generation Records

DiscJoker EUR DiscJoker choise – winter – ’20 chart Artists: ARTBAT / Mathame / DiscJoker / Max Beat / Nexus official / Jay Pei / Cristoph / Cornucopia / Sébastien Léger / Frankyeffe Fava / DarkMe Music / Labels: Sun Generation Records / Kontor Records / Afterlife / Qilla Records / Truesoul / microCastle /

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