MM (MANA/MERMAIDS) - new release

Mana - Breathless Tech House in electro dark atmosphere; strong electric guitar solo: this sound is ElectRock!

Mermaids - Electro beat trip into the deep house sea.
#techhouse #electrobeat

out 2015/09/22

Words on the street:
- "I wasn't expecting Mana to break out into the higher energy sounds like it did. Pleasantly surprised. I like the break in Mermaids. I'll try these...” (Anton Banks / The Vault Radio Show)
- "Mermaids' is killer!" (Rob Warner / ibiza voice)
- "déroutant et surprenant. je pense que c'est le genre de disque qui se laisse apprécier après plusieurs écoutes.” (Stéphane Chambord / Radio Resonance)

What You Get

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